Donations: new functionalities

Our partner, Zeffy, whose engine let you send donations to TheSoup, has added two new capabilities.

Donors can now set their country AND region - country subdivision.

Before, whatever country was selected, under Province was provided the list of Provinces for Canada. That was not appropriate for other countries. Now, when select your country the second field is still labeled Province, but it provides a list of subdivisions, for example States for the U.S.A. Here is an example:


This works with every country.

A new frequency of donation.

Before, two kinds of donations were possible: One-time and Monthly. Now a third kind has been added: Yearly. I will add a screenshot shortly.

If you have a question about the process of donations feel free to ask.

Gilles Plante,

Regarding the new frequency of donation I mentioned in my previous message, I learned that it is limited to donors from Canada only.

For this reason, we will not implement the annual donation.

Gilles Plante,