Is that possible to create a long-press button in FM

Hi, I am wondering is that possible to create a long-press button without release in FM?

I think it is possible to create a button with a release.

Without using javascript, is that possible to create such kind of button?

Thank you for any advice.

I don't think so.

Is this a preference or a requirement in your situation?

Perhaps the long-press is a "nice-to-have" rather than a "need-to-have"?

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Thank you. I need to confirm with my clients.

So the most feasible method is to create a button in the web viewer and use some javascript functions to create a long-press button, right?

With EventMonitor functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin you can at least detect if last button pressed is left/right mouse button or a double click.

I may be able to add some timing query function to give you the time between mouse down and up if needed.

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I would say so, yes.