Results from the First Annual General Meeting of the FM Soup

Earlier today the first Annual General Meeting was held. This is a really big milestone for the soup. A little over eighteen months ago the soup was set up as a proof of concept to show the Claris leadership team a more useable alternative to the SalesForce platform.

The Claris team decided that they would continue to use the SalesForce backend. And the group of users that had arrived here decided that it was preferable to stay in the soup. :slight_smile:
With a lot of effort from @Cecile, an organisation was formed, finances managed and by-laws proposed. The meeting was well attended - we had twenty eight participants login to oversee the proceedings and vote in the first board.

After voting the Board of the Soup are:
President, @bdbd
Secretary, @Torsten
Treasurer, @planteg
Community Administrator, @Malcolm

The meeting this morning was chaired by @Cecile and the secretary was @Malcolm.


As per article 27 of the Bylaws, the newly elected will take office on the first day of March. I will contact each of them soon so we can proceed with the transition as I will provide them with the necessary documents and passwords.