The Soup’s 2022 Funding Drive

Another year, another fundraiser.

Our fundraising goal this year is the same as last year: 1500 Canadian dollars with a stretch goal of 3000. The primary purpose of this fundraiser is to have enough cash reserves to fund the 2023 operating expenses. The secondary purpose of this fundraiser is to create a safety net, obtain training materials and improve some of the services used to manage The Soup.

The board projects operating expenses to average 125 Canadian dollars monthly. This covers the cost of forum hosting, email hosting, domain name renewal, legal help, accounting and administration fees. The board currently runs a very tight kitchen. 1500 covers expected costs and nothing more.

Inflation is an ever-present reality. The board took inflation into account to the tune of 7% in its cost projections. This is the current rate of inflation. That said… we aren't economists and we have seen outsized increases in internet services. We would like to have some excess cash reserves in case inflation is higher than projected.

Board members came into their jobs as beginners two years ago. They obtained materials on running a Canadian not-for-profit corporation and on strategic management at personal costs and… well… it was trial by fire. Most of our volunteers came into their positions with little prior experience and it was trial by fire. We would like to set aside a training budget to improve upon the trial by fire experience.

Managing people and projects and figuring out what needs attention the most is difficult at times. Management tool improvements can help lower this burden. Discourse, for example, can allow us to query our data, give access to more staff, improve task management and improve policy management. We would like to increase our operating budget to allow us to improve some of the services we use for management.

Donations are our only source of income. Every dollar counts. Any amount you give will keep The Soup running and help ensure the persistence and availability of the forum’s knowledge. It's a good thing!

Both the primary and stretch goals are bargains for this community. The former corresponds to less than 4 dollars per member per year, the latter to less than 8 dollars. So please, give generously.

David Lalonde