The Values of the FMSoup

Our Values

The FMSoup is committed to several core values. We foster community, encourage creativity, respect diversity, and promote integrity. Each of these are pillars that we rely on to support a diverse and inclusive community.

Please take time to memorise these four values: community, creativity, diversity and integrity.

The rest of this document expands on these values and explores ways in which they may be encountered by you. Read through the headings to get a better sense of what we encourage and expect from you when you are here.

These values are a part of our Terms of Service. Our moderators will use these values as the basis of their decisions.

1. We Foster Community

Encourage gathering

  • we provide a place for people to meet
  • be welcoming

Think long term

  • We are here to stay. We encourage you to think in the long term.

Be supportive and compassionate

  • Treat others with care and respect
  • Create a safe environment for communication
  • encourage others to join in

Be mindful

  • Be mindful of your own behaviour.
  • Observe your own thoughts and feelings
  • Describe them. Be aware of what you are bringing to the conversation
  • Participate fully, bring your self-awareness to the community.

Be member-centric

  • This group is about us, all together. Sharing our knowledge and our experience and our emotions.

2. We Promote integrity

Be fair

  • The FM.Soup is not a competitive environment
  • Allow others to share the space
  • Give compliments

Be honest

  • Be honest about yourself
  • Don't be deceitful or false

Be thoughtful

  • pay attention to what is happening
    • In case of arguments, disagreements or any other thing
      • You can address what is happening with words
      • Ask questions to clarify the issue
      • Describe your own situation so that others know how to react to your posts
      • you can flag posts to bring it to the attention of moderators
    • If you feel unsafe or do not like what is happening
      • please let us know
      • flag the post or the topic
      • Alert an moderator
      • block the person/people
      • change your settings temporarily
  • be considerate of others
  • create a desirable space
  • make your contribution beneficial

Do not make judgements

  • Don't make personal judgements
  • Don't be opinionated about other people
  • Don't take things personally

Show tolerance

  • allow everyone to have their point of view
    • having many different point of view in a discussion is good
    • acknowledge other people's words
      • especially when you are expressing a different opinion
      • find the best possible interpretation for them
  • We foster the conditions needed to help genuine commitment in amending and improving one’s behaviour.

3. We Encourage Creativity

Share your gifts

  • we can all learn from each other.
  • We can be about more than technical questions
  • Talk about what you are working on
    • It is interesting for others
    • describing successes is inspiring
    • describing your failures is instructive

Be friendly

  • Just do it
    • It's fun
    • It's good for you
    • it's addictive
  • If you feel angry or upset
    • just say so
    • Speaking about your emotions helps you to understand them and can be a big relief.
    • It also helps others to understand you better
    • Do not be critical of others

Be generous

  • be generous with your imagination and your words
  • be generous with yourself too
  • give us a little bit of you when you can.

Be open-minded

  • Consider what others are saying
    • Assume the best of others
    • We don't always have the right words
  • If you are not sure about what has been said - ask!
    • you'll be surprised how many different interpretations there will be.
    • If you don't want to ask publicly you can always use a direct message
  • Things are rarely simple
    • don't over-simplify an issue
    • don't force a square peg into a round hole

4. We Respect Diversity

We are cosmopolitan

  • we are from all corners of the world
  • we each bring our culture, words, spellings and sensitivities to the.soup

We are harmonious

  • all of which can co-exist harmoniously

We are tolerant

  • We don't accept bad behaviour
  • We don't rush to judgement
  • we recognise that everyone will make mistakes sometimes
    • We are not always right
      • even when we think we are
      • "my way" is not the only way
  • there isn’t only one right, best or superior way of doing things
    • don't make others wrong
      • allow them to be right as well
      • look for the broad sense of meaning in their words