Upcoming Anniversary & Quarterly Reminder

Upcoming Anniversary & Quarterly Reminder

On May 29, the.fmsoup will turn 1!

Hello everyone! the.fmsoup.org counts 194 members! Can we make it 200 by then?

I certainly hope we will have incorporated by then, as we embark in our second year. Watch the Feedback channel in the next few weeks for a general meeting announcement.

Quarterly reminder
Of course, membership is free for everyone. We are also committed to keeping it uncluttered and ad free.

The soup is based on the awesome, free and open source platform “Discourse”.

Hosting (including emailing and pages views) is currently setup managed and monitored 24/7 by Discourse.org The cost for this service is currently 100 USD monthly. Once fmsoup.org gets incorporated and registered as a not-for-profit, this amount will drop to 50 USD per month.

These costs have been graciously paid for by volunteers since the beginning.

We are all invited to contribute, either by sponsoring a month of hosting ($100) or to pitch in the special pot ($your choice) to build a backup/future projects fund.

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