Welcome: important to know

We are delighted to welcome a lot of new soup members these last few weeks. The soup has 125 members. This growth spurt is a good occasion to refresh our memories or get anew the few pointers that help everyone get the best soup experience.

Please use the tools provided:

  • When creating a new topic select the channel where it belongs. If you aren’t sure, leave it in the floating, i file them when I have a chance.
  • Tag your topics
  • Use the HVAC for your venting needs
  • Use the function respond as new topic instead of deviating from the topic or highjacking the thread.


  • You can ask to get your own curated channel
  • Read the FAQs to learn which interaction modes are not acceptable
  • Read the announcements channel to learn about historical evolution of the site
  • Read the How to in the feedback channel to learn some posting techniques

Visit the sponsor channel to know who has contributed to insure the up and running of our community. Maybe consider becoming one?

We will announce a new general meeting to address the challenges that we are facing; stay tuned!