What's a Custom Function you've created that you think should be built-in to FileMaker?

It seems many, like me, use custom functions that return a table name or an unqualified field name. I bet many, like me, use GetFieldName with these functions. I suggest you read the following post: Out of Memory Error. GetFieldName seems to have an unfortunate caveat.

Hope this helps.

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Re: "I love custom functions, that make FileMaker Code more human readable"
Me too. A couple of mine:
exists —> not IsEmpty ( theField )
defaultButton —> Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1
similarly, secondButton and thirdButton
noneFound —> Get ( LastError ) = 401
userCancels —> Get ( LastError ) = 1
and for use in FMGo on devices:
landscape —> Get ( WindowOrientation ) < 0
portrait —> Get ( WindowOrientation ) > 0


one that I did not create - but would be quite important here:

  • call FMS and lists currently active users (not just one file)

Means that we do not have to login on the admin-console..

Oh? What is the custom function and where can I obtain it?

I couldn't create that by myself until now, not sure how to get that (for all platforms). Have to investigate - maybe via shell scripting

@Markus @bdbd

A CF for that would be amazing (maybe it requires a plug-in?)

But if anyone's interested meanwhile, I recently wrote a little NodeJS script that runs from terminal or an app like Raycast (which I just started using and love).

node path/to/get-clients.js "myusername" "mypassword"

It prints the JSON output from the FMS Admin API followed by a more readable digest.

Be sure to open the js file in a code editor first and change the target server domain.

get-clients.js.zip (1.7 KB)


I have a script that formats US phone numbers and cleans up stray characters, and another which turns a gmail copied email ("Jane Doe jane@gmail.com") into just an email for easy pasting. I tend to use them in every app I make at some point. Ironically I usually also end up recreating them... I need to systematize that. at some point... :slight_smile: