Why Mac?

there are IMHO other things macOS that can make life much easier:

  • under macOS, pretty much all that is displayed goes via ‘cocoa lists’
    – means that plugin developers (Christian Schmitz, MBS) can do much more under macOS than under Windows

There are so many things I prefer about the Mac, including most of those listed above.
Additionally, I’ve got a bunch of utilities I built myself that speed up development time. Search-and-replace in objects copied to the clipboard, replicating a FileMaker object in the clipboard, and more. I posted them to GitHub, in case any other Mac users find them useful: GitHub - DanShockley/FmClipTools: Tools for converting, modifying, and saving FileMaker Pro clipboard objects. Coded in AppleScript.

Keyboard Maestro is another very useful utility.
Also, on the Mac, we’ve got BBEdit, a great ext editor for munging large text files, etc.


@DanShockley, thank you for sharing your clipboard tools, much appreciated.

We’ve (wife and I) been Mac and FileMaker evangelists for over 30 years. Appreciate all the advantages of the Mac.

However, there is one Windows feature that outweighs the rest of the Mac’s advantages - it earns us more money.


You forget to mention noun project best icon program out there and desktop version is mac only :slight_smile:

Here are some FileMaker developer productivity features that are available on macOS that might not have comparable features on Windows...

macOS Services to help write FileMaker code

AppleScript, 2 examples...

tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"
set aTable to name of current table
end tell
set the clipboard to aTable

tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"
set aLayout to name of current layout
end tell
set the clipboard to aLayout

Please note that having a Windows Machine/VM as well is useful for a number of reasons.

I've been using Mac since 1990 and we have 3 MacMini as servers in the office. No problems, the installation is done in 1/2 hour, including FMS. As an administrator, the effort for Windows is considerably higher (and more expensive).
On the desktop, I wouldn't want to be without the MacBook Air M3, extremely fast and 5 * FM20, 1 * FM19, 1* FM17 alone is a blessing as a developer.
Here are a few icons.
Have fun, Willi
Icons_FM20.zip (275.6 KB)