2022 Annual Funding Drive, Week 1 results

The post has been edited to correct two mistakes:

  • a donation was incorrectly dated on Week 2
  • when a donation is from a company, the company name should be displayed instead of the individual name

Hello dear members,

the Funding Drive has been running for one week, and we wish to thank the donors (no particular order)

  • Gilles Plante
  • Leishman Consulting
  • Louis Radakir
  • Dave Vaklyes
  • Douglas de Stwolinska
  • Craft ICT Ltd
  • Markus Schneider
  • D-Cogit
  • jk-solution
  • Steve Gleason
  • Udo R Bösch mipiano apps & design
  • Stephen Wonfor
  • Anatole Beams
  • Ralph Learmont
  • And 5 anonymous donors

The total amount is CAN $ 1105.00.

Thank you for contributing to The Soup.