About the Tools & Utilities (Free/Open Source) channel

For contributors:
This channel should be used to post links to resources that are hosted elsewhere which are offered AS IS and for free to the community. Make sure it is not a bait and switch: while it is ok to make a beta version available generally, if your link leads to material that is useless on its own (unless specified in the link e.g. free extension for the XYZ plugin) is a trial of a paid product, is malware, spyware or constitute any other form of deception, you will receive a warning. Second breach and you will be banned.

For beneficiaries:
Understand that downloading anything from the internet carries some risks. That the material is contributed AS IS and may be subject to failures when dependencies get modified or updated, that technology development is a complex unscientific experiment and that there might be unknown conflicts, problems or other issues that could arise, unbeknownst to the contributor. Unless gross negligence and ill intent, this site considers that goodfaith contributors should not be considered responsible for any damages that could result from your use of their material and therefore strongly advise you to do due diligence and use discernment in your use of this resource.