Admin console FMS 18 - display free disk

We are about installing FMS/FM 18 on a customer’s site who was running V15 until now, Windows os

The files are on drive D - and the console just shows the space-info from drive C…

-> is there a way to get info from other drives than C? Info for C dies not help here, but info for D would be quite helpfull

The MBS plugin offers a variety of ‘Files’ functions, like MBS( “Files.DiskInfo”; Mode; PathToVolume )

Yes - but the IT department would like to have relevant info in the dashboard - that ‘drive C:’ is not…

The FMS dashboard does unfortunately not offer information on other drives, even when FMS stores data there.
Zabbix could do the job, a cron job could do it, but not the console in its current version. Feature request?

The IT dpt. has access to the server and could have a direct look at system resources. Is this required for some sort of automation (i.e. run out of disk space warning)?

sure, IT can get that info - it is more the ‘incomprehensibility’ (why display useless info?), the dashboard becomes useless fit that company. (They never had drive C for databases)

Thank You!

I would try a trial of 1-more-thing’s Nutshell Console. It’s been very helpful. Zabbix is great too, but setup is a little more difficult.

Nutshell Console should have a Pro level soon that lets you monitor multiple servers.