Advice on subscribing the license of plugin

Hi, I don’t know is it ok to post a question on whether I should buy the license of 2empower developer assistant?

Does anybody use that before?

I have tried this for 30 days. It seems pretty good, I could do searching on all scripts and fields when choose a new field or search field.

They have 2 options, standard one and advanced one. Does anyone use replace function before?


I don’t think there are many full time developers who don’t use 2EmpowerFM Developer Assistant, we couldn’t work without it. The return on investment in terms of increased productivity is huge.

There are 2 versions, standard and advanced, which includes a search and replace option. We only use the standard option, primarily down to price as the price for an advanced license is double that of the standard, which we believe is where most of the value is. It pretty much works in any script workspace or any other window containing a list and in the relationship graph, which can be a godsend. It will also evaluate any highlighted part of a calculation and evaluate it on the fly, rather than having to copy/paste into the data viewer.

Not only that, support is excellent and Chris from Dracoventions is one of the world’s nice guys.

You will rarely spend your money better.



I personally stopped using 2emPower - although some if my colleagues still have it in use

  • it is wonderful
  • it is everywhere, allowing searches and much more
  • filemaker lacks of search functionality in many points of the software )-:

on the other hand

  • MBS does help, at least on script workspace on macOS
  • there have been issues with 2ep when versions changed (os, filemaker)
  • at some customer sites, we have no rights to install/update plugin
  • the 2emPower dialogs might be disturbing, sometimes
  • I got maybe half a dozen versions of filemaker installed on my workstation, some with, some without any plugins - dealing with that makes it not easier (I mean the basic functionality of 2ep would be a ‘must have’ for filemaker…

At some situations, I miss 2emPower… earlier versions of 2ep were easier to use, but that’s just MHO

There is definitely a life outside of 2ep - but the road is getting more rugged…

earlier versions of 2ep came with one option, newer have 2
I bought the advanced version

Yes, support is superbe

Thank you for the advice.

I decide to buy one for my own use. But I have to make an upgrade for 2 version of FileMaker.

Yes. MBS is a great plugin although I am using the free version to perform search in script and in the relationship graph.

is there any advice for the keyboard shortcut of the plugin?

The keyboard shortcut is shown by clicking the Utility tab, Preferences - the default is Control Alt Shift X (Windows) or Command Option Shift X (Mac)

I mean what hotkey you are using

Can you be a bit more specific? The standard shortcut key combination to show and hide 2EmpowerFM Desktop Assistant are shown in Preferences as mentioned above and you can change these here as well to something else.

I’m not sure what your question is.

Sorry. what I mean is what keyboard short-cut you are using for the plugin? it seems that control/shift/option/command is not working, I could only use the single key on the keyboard.

Sorry to hear this, but I’m using the default Control/Alt/Shift X on Windows and Command/Option/Shift X on Mac and both work fine. Screen shot of Preferences showing this configuration.

I’m not sure I can be of further help, but there is a support page you can raise this at: Dracoventions Support and Chris has always been very quick to help.

Have you tried resetting the shortcut keys to an alternative key combinsation?

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