API's for PDF creation

FileMaker's PDF creation abilities have served me well over the years, however I've always wanted so much more. Is anyone aware of apps or web services that FileMaker can be integrated with to create custom PDF's?

I'm particularly interested in some sort of app where clients could create document templates that FileMaker could populate. Not looking for how-to's or anything that in depth, just ideas/experiences others have had.

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You could do about anything including using AppleScript to control Apple's Pages app.

Or use a plugin like MBS FileMaker Plugin with DynaPDF functions, where you can load a PDF made in FileMaker, edit pages and put some text on top of them. Or have user prepare a template PDF and then write scripts to draw pictures, Text and vector graphics on top of those pages.

Let me know if you like to learn more on it or check our website.


Thanks- I've been aware of your fantastic plug in for years, and I've always appreciated your contributions here and on the main forums.

I sell an off-the-shelf product made in Filemaker, and I guess what I'm looking for another PDF/document creation app that I could integrate with. Like I know Claris Connect integrates with some form creation applications- I wonder if anyone has integrated with document creation applications.

It's an area I know so little about that I'm not sure I can even do a good job formulating my question/needs.

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Most impressive PDF creation to explore IMHO: PDF custom function set created by @HOnza

see here: PDF Examples Updated | 24U Software