Automatic UDP Receiving with MBS not working

I'm trying to use the MBS UDP Receive function in my solution, but for some reason records do not automatically get created in my listening database. When I manually run the "ReadSomething" script, however, the records are then created. The demo file worked once and now it has the same issue I'm facing. I've tried:

  • Allowing both scripts full access
  • Updating the MBS plugin
  • Restarting, etc

If anyone sees that I've missed something here, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

This is not the fmplugin privilege, that is missing for the plugin to trigger scripts?

e.g. our FM.RunScript would not work if that privilege is missing.

Thank you, I didn't realize Claris implemented this in recent FM versions. Apologies for the ignorance. You're great!