Be careful if you test FM 19

After installing the "Preview" version of FM 19, I went back to the FMP 17 version.
I can't use the FM 19 version because I sell Runtime solutions to some of my customers, this mode is simply removed in FM 19. I had re-recorded the command file to create a Runtime solution for a photographer's CRM and this one was no longer producing anything in FMP 17, I just got the three fmp12 files of the solution.
While searching well in the possibilities of adjustment of the command file, I noticed in the "Custom Options" that the box "Create one or more .... (obsolete)" had been unchecked by FM 19.
If you try this manipulation in FM 19, don't re-save your command file or check the box in FM 17 or 18 before redoing your runtime in FM 17 or FM 18.

As long as Claris doesn't give a solution to solve this Runtime problem, I'll stay in FM 17. Not having upgraded to FM 18 before the release of FM 19, I couldn't get an update license for version 18, Claris doesn't sell it anymore.

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Attention si vous testez FM 19.

Après avoir installé la version "Preview" de FM 19, je suis revenu à la version FMP 17.
Je ne peux utiliser la version FM 19 car je vends des solutions Runtime à certains de mes clients, ce mode est purement et simplement supprimé en FM 19. J'avais ré-enregistré le fichier de commande permettant de créer un solution Runtime pour un CRM d'un photographe et celui-ci ne produisait plus rien en FMP 17, j'obtenais simplement es trois fichiers fmp12 de la solution.
En cherchant bien dans les possibilités de réglage du fichier de commande, j'ai constaté dans les "Options personnalisées" que la case "Créer une ou plusieurs .... (obsolète)" avait été décochée par FM 19.
Si vous essayez donc cette manipulation dans FM 19, ne ré-enregistrez pas votre fichier de commandes ou cochez la case en FM 17 ou 18 avant de refaire votre runtime sous FM 17 ou FM 18.

Tant que Claris ne donne pas de solution pour résoudre ce problème de Runtime, je reste en FM 17. N'ayant pas fait la mise à jour en FM 18 avant la sortie de FM 19, je n'ai pas pu obtenir une licence update pour la version 18, Claris ne la commercialise plus.


Because 18 is still supported, you can request a downgrade license by calling Claris.


Claris a eu amplement le temps de remplacer les runtimes par autre chose et il ne l'ont pas fait. Ils suggère de devenir SBA. Le runtime c'est fini pour de bon.

Claris had plenty of time to provide a replacement but haven't. They suggest to become an SBA. Runtime is terminated for good.


Not to sound crass, but they provided a clear roadmap several years ago. Hopefully anyone that was relying on runtimes for there business began looking at alternatives, whether that was FileMaker or not.

I know and agree. What I meant is that there were no direct replacement, that is a way to create a self contain executable solution.

I wonder how many FileMaker users were aware of the deprecation. It's not because it's told that others know, you need to get current by visiting on a regular basis the Community for example.

I understand that people using the runtime are sorry, even though they may have known. They were using their tool of choice and FMI told a few times they were looking for something else to solve the coming problem. In users mind, that was not something already existing, they were expecting something else. Even if the rules on the Community are that no one should speculate, FMI acted in a way that lead to speculations, instead of telling right away there would be no replacement. FMI speculated that users would forget about that. And that was wrong from their part - I understand that in the mean time, they didn't loose some sales. Sorry, but that needs to be said.


don't forget that there are more use-cases than just selling db-apps royality free and demo's..

I had my accounting/reporting db as a runtime so I could develop without getting into a conflict. I decided to go 'iPad' as that device became available and therefore that runtime was no longer needed

I'm no longer sure that iOS/FMGo is the best solution today - and there is only one alternative: Go for another product )-:

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Announcements are just that - and non-binding. I would not bet the future of my business on some vendor’s announcements, especially in software world.
FMI extended Runtime for a couple of years, they understood that it was an important element in some of their customer’s offerings.
Now it’s gone without a replacement, technically and commercially.
If Runtime still is a requirement for a business, moving to a platform that is able to produce executables became mandatory.
Don’t wait for Claris coming to rescue.

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I agree that iPad is a good solution for the future, iPad is almost a computer already, with a lot more software then Mac, even more powerful, easy to carry, battery last longer. After Mac use ARM CPU, maybe we can also create Mac App by iOS App SDK. The only thing we can not do is to create apps for Windows.

I don't give long shrift to FileMaker Go for iPad.

Once Claris converts FileMaker Intel to FileMaker Silicon ARM, FileMaker Go may be gone.
The deadline is not far away, I think next year will be done.
Then you will also need a license to run FileMaker on an iPad or iPhone and the circle is complete.

For other reasons related to 32-bit applications, my main clients don't upgrade to a higher version than High Sierra and stay in FM16, 17 runtime.
The problem is mainly for me who has to keep a High Sierra or Mojave and FMP 16 and FMP 17 system for them to maintain their applications. This maintenance is mainly due to changes in regulations.

En français ci-dessous.
Je ne donne pas long feu Ă  FileMaker Go pour iPad.

Quand Claris aura converti FileMaker Intel en FileMaker Silicon ARM, il se pourrait alors que FileMaker Go disparaisse.
L'échéance n'est pas lointaine, je pense que l'année prochaine se sera fait.
Il faudra alors aussi une licence pour exécuter FileMaker sur un iPad ou un iPhone et le cercle est bouclé.

Pour d'autres raisons liées aux applications 32 bits, mes principaux clients ne montent pas en version plus haut que High Sierra et restent en runtime FM16, 17.
Le problème est surtout pour moi qui doit conserver aussi pour eux un système en High Sierra ou Mojave et FMP 16 et FMP 17 pour la maintenance de leurs applications. Cette maintenance est surtout due aux changements de réglementation.

not just that...

we have had serious issues with go, beginning with go11 where it failed to run scripts with custom dialogs after a patch, resulting in customers who moved away (fixed by a new go patch, took way too long), then 2 times performance issues after a new iOS (1 time fixed after an iOS patch, one still unresolved (go19)) and 1 time crashes with data loss (fixed by a patch of fm go)

At the moment, Claris does have a support that is quite perfect, but in the past, we felt alone..

I was exited after the iPad was introduced, a real tool for digital nomads (like 'Obsidian' that game with a phantastic device in the opening sequence) - but as of today, I got the impression that this is the wrong train to heaven...

I don't think that filemaker Go will be gone, with filemaker Go we still need license to connect to server now, at ARM Mac, they have to rebuild filemaker Pro, and the simple way is to upgrad filemaker Go, to filmaker "GoPro".

I don't think FileMaker Go Pro is of interest on iPad. Not practical enough for development or limited to development for the iPad but I don't see the point.
On the other hand Claris FileMaker could very well add a paid license for iPadOS and iOS versions. It would only be restricted versions of FileMaker for Mac or Windows.
When it comes to making change, they are very good at it.

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Je ne pense pas que FileMaker Go Pro ait un intérêt sur iPad. Pas assez pratique pour le développement ou alors limité à des développements pour l'iPad mais je n'en vois pas l'intérêt.
Par contre Claris FileMaker pourrait très bien ajouter une licence payante pour les versions iPadOS et iOS. Ce ne serait que des versions bridées de FileMaker pour Mac ou Windows.
Quand il est question de faire de la monnaie, ils savent très bien faire.

Making a dime or making money (i believe you didn’t want to say good at making change) deepL is pretty awesome... but sometimes it has a peculiar sense of humour :wink: