Can I markup or format XML for display in the web viewer

Does MBS have a way where it can display HTML (colors and other markup) that could be called from a script? The script would pass the HTML to MBS or something like that.

I'm getting some text back (a DIFF report) where I'd like to color-code some of the tags in that DIFF text, then display that in an HTML-capable viewer so they're easier for the user to read the various sections.

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You could of course write a script or function format.
Either as Styled text to show in a field or as html to load into a web viewer.

You could also use our XML.Format function and the convert to HTML with our Text.TextToHTML function.

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Thanks. The requirement is for Web Direct so that is now overriding my basic requirement statement.

Appreciate your reply.

Once you have HTML, you can make a data URL with base64 encoding and then load it into a web viewer.


I will try that. Thanks.