Can you run a Webapp inside of FileMaker Go?

I am working with a company that is developing a webapp for integration into other programs. I asked them if it would work in FileMaker Go and they are going to look into it, but I figured I would ask here as well. I can not talk too much about the webapp as they have me on a NDA and on top of that I know very little about web development and even less about webapps.

But in general can you run a webapp in FileMaker Go?

Yes, that can work. Try it!

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"Can" work is the key here. It depends is the full answer. LOL

There are definitely some approaches that don't work. Many that do.

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How would I try it? They give me an index.html file but it has a folder full of other files. Any chance people can show me an example of one? Any free webaps out there I can play around with?

I was assuming that the web app was already active and available via the internet. In that case you only need to provide a URL.

There isn't a simple way to package a web app within a database. There are complicated ways to do it but the easiest way is to run the web-app on the web and point your webviewer at the URL.


I could see having it hosted on a internet would make it easy. I need to run it offline so no internet will be available sadly. But it sounds like offline is still possible?

Yes. You can have this resources stored in a local path or as text in FileMaker fields.
The tricky part is to change this path‘ in the html-file with correct grammar.

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Offline would require them to bundle it as files in a folder. You put the folder into FileMaker Go's document folder and then load it from there.

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The webapp had 2 index.html files but if I understand it right it is just a option. Meaning only one is needed I just need to pick what one I want. It also has 3 folders but one folder is documentation and another is history. I think that means I only need the one folder to run. To confirm this I made a copy that only has the one index.html file and one folder and it ran perfect.

If I understand correctly I can then put the folder into a container FileMaker Go documents section and copy the contents of the index.html into a custom web viewer. Then the tricky part would be to adjust the web viewer to reference the container documents section instead of the folders normal location?

What about saving things made in the webapp? I am assuming that would also need modifications? I guess it would depend on how it is currently setup to save?

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