Conditional Pop-Up Menus

I have a number of pop-up menus with a transparent background which show "active" students, but is really joined on their Primary Key.

The problem, is when a student becomes "inactive" they disappear from the list and they show up as their primary key instead of their name.

I don't want the staff to have to sub through 2,000 students, to find the 200 active ones, but I do want the names to show up.

I originally just stacked two menus on top of one another. The top one was a pop-up menu that was NOT editable in browse mode which shows ALL students, and the one below it was editable in browse mode, but only has ACTIVE students... but I started to have todo a whole bunch of conditional formatting to get the colors to match up with the alternating row state and the active row state of the portal. Is there a better way to do this?

I have two configurations of the same field, set up to appear as a single field.


The left side:
-popup menu
-value list: all records
-field entry off

Right Side
-popup menu [include arrow]
-value list: all active records
-adjust field width to only show the arrow
-field entry: on

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Another option is to remove the data inputs from the layout and only display the related data field.

I'm using card windows for data modification - especially in list mode. There are a lot of benefits, including the fact that they can be re-used from many different contexts.

I would consider the following option:

  1. Add a merge field text object to display the student name (or a text box) over the top of the ID field
  2. Set this object to Hide if the student is Active
    NOTE: the object will need to have a background fill the same colour as the layout background in order to mask the student ID below it. Alternatively, you could consider setting the ID field to Hide when student is Inactive.

To me this was an old workaround. Think in the reverse. Select the Name and lookup the ID. I use ExecuteSQL() to get the ID.

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I've used this solution too but gave up on it. I've had to undo a few messes that were caused by "name collisions."