Copy-Pasting is getting better in 19.5

Not sure if anyone else noticed... 19.5 has some "Fine" things but the thing I'm most excited about is:


  • When you copy objects that have no tab order set, the pasted objects now have no tab order set. Previously, pasted objects were next in the tab order.

Full list here:

And here for server:


I would find it more helpful if FileMaker would finally remember the position of copied objects instead of just pasting them "somewhere".

I'm aware that there is the hack of going into the page view briefly, but I don't think that this basic feature is too much to ask for after 36 years!


the hack does not work consistently

there are a lot of other issues that are not adressed

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Agreed… I'm glad it's possible to do the bounce back to browse mode and layout mode to get the position, but I wish this were the default behavior.

But note that the default behavior is not "just somewhere" - it is centered on wherever you last clicked. So you can get things kinda where you want them, but it is in no way precise. The only time it's useful is when the objects are going to go in the upper left corner - just click up there and as long as your click is at least half the distance from the corner as the width and height of your copied objects, they'll be forced into the corner.

But flipping the behavior to be where they were by default (or even giving us a keyboard shortcut variant to do that) would be more useful 99 times out of 100.

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FWIW my workaround for this is to put a client logo in the top left corner... then whenever I copy anything that needs lining up I copy the logo too. Then I just need to copy, paste, drag to top left corner, then delete the duplicate logo.

Shouldn't be necessary but it's pretty consistent.


I have the same approach @JasonMark . In some cases there’s not the logo placed in the upper left corner. Then I use simply a rectangle with hide condition true. Or a hamburger menu that’s placed there.