Create found set from multi-line list - best practise?

Found sets can be created by using script steps like 'Perform Find', 'Extend Found Set' etc.

This works fine with a single value in a search field (i.e. UUID). The search function does not accept multi-line input.
The standard solution for this task is looping through the multi-line list and do an 'Extend Found Set' for each individual value.
However, this looping and extending can take some time when the list contains many values.

Working with a portal that uses the multi-line list as a predicate is not always possible.

What other methods do you employ for the task?

I have a globally store ID field gmlID for global multiline ID which links to the same table (self-relation) - thus I only fill the list of IDs into that field and go to related records...


You can execute the "extend found set" at the end of the multiple requests.

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I see at least two ways to execute this search.

  1. Perform an OR search: Create a standard find with as many search requests as there are values in the list.

  2. Make a relationship with the list field as a predicate, then use Go to Related Record.

Hope this helps.