Creator Codes

I am writing up a nomenclature documentation. This nomenclature makes use of name spaces and creator codes in name spaces. Anyone know of anyone using or managing name spaces or creator codes the FileMaker world? I would prefer to coordinate with an existing system instead of creating a redundant system.

Could you please clarify the expression creator code? I’ve never heard this before in all the years I’m working with FileMaker. :blush:

I am equally ignorant of that concept and found this on Wikipedia:

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Happy new year everyone!

My bad! I should have explained. The creator code I am referring to is a code that designates a person or organisation that creates / created a piece of code… in this case, a custom function. Here is the problem space being solved with namespaces and creator codes.

Namespaces allow the grouping of custom function according to function type, feature, whatever. Grouping can allow for easier finding of a function in a large set of function – we use a lot of custom functions at my company. Grouping can also allow for the re-use of function names – very useful.

Creator codes are added to namespaces. This allows custom functions from multiple developers that have the same name space and function name to co-exist. It is also a form of self-documentation. We find it especially useful to know which custom functions were create for our own reasons and which were created for customer specific reasons.

I hope this clears things up. Thanks for your feedback.


I also wish everyone a happy new year!

Thank you for your explanation @bdbd ! This input is very timely. I had planned to think about development standards in the coming weeks. You partly mention things I hadn't thought of yet: e.g. the naming of custom functions.

Basically, I use an abbreviation like FSO21 (= fmSoup 2021) for my customers, sometimes even for large projects. A three letter abbreviation for the name plus the year the collaboration started. I use that so far for file names, folder names, tags, etc. Oddly enough, the idea of using this for programming as well hadn't even occurred to me.

Otherwise I like to group field names by naming them: e.g. the metadata fields of a record I start with "meta_" - a kind of group name prefix. System or function tables I start with "App_". Prefixes for layout names I have largely coupled to the table prefixes.

All of this has so far been little strategically thought through, but rather a gut feeling.

I will think about it more carefully! Thank you for your input!

Part of the problem with custom function names come directly from FileMaker itself, specifically in regards to name length. Regardless whether some consider this an artificial limitation or not, I needed to resolve this issue sooner than later… and I have.

My creator codes are always two characters long. This affords me a hopefully long enough list of potential creator codes, yet consumes little visual real estate when viewing custom function names in FileMaker.

I found this solution acceptable in regards to code readability. It strangely increased readability. Creator codes only exist in custom function (so far at least). We find it easier to identify custom function names as references to custom functions in calculations. That said, I doubt this would be true of a stranger reading our code.

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