Data From SharePoint?

Does the FileMaker Data API (running on FMS) allow for automated incoming data?

We have a client who wants to send data from SharePoint (I have no idea what format yet). How would FileMaker handle this type of automated data input?


Well, the API is sitting there, with defined routes and endpoints, waiting for communication. Everything is in place, ready and waiting for your client to figure out how and when to send data from SharePoint.


Would you please point me to a Data API tutorial? Thanks,

The starting point for documentation is Product documentation — Claris

Important Note that should be much more prominent in the Claris docs.

The behaviour - notably, the authentication required - for the Data and Admin API is different.
The behaviour of the APIs supported by FileMaker Server between Cloud, Linux and Mac/Win is different. Again, most notably, the authentication differs.

The Data API Documentation is always at https://your-fms-server-domain/fmi/data/apidoc/

The Admin API Documentation is always at https://your-fms-server-domain/fmi/admin/apidoc/

Because the APIs provided by the different FMS flavours are slightly different it is important that you always use the documentation provided by the server you are developing for.

A more general guide for both APIs is available at FileMaker 19 Data API Guide and at Claris FileMaker 19 Admin API Guide.


Thank you so much. That is simply awesome information. Just what I needed.

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