DIGFM: What's New, Monkeybread?

A few days ago Christian Schmitz from Monkeybread Software joined the DIG FM Meeting to talk a bit about the MBS FileMaker Plugin. Watch it on YouTube:

We talked about what is new in MBS Plugin 12.3, showed off some evergreens and answered questions.

0:00:15 Plugin Website and Overview
0:01:23 WHAT'S NEW in 12.3
0:01:28 Functions for MongoDB
0:18:00 DynaPDF
0:32:12 "Live Text"
0:36:46 "Cool things with Error Logging"
0:44:22 Audit functions
0:55:50 SQL functions
1:02:57 Serial ports and devices
1:03:37 TOTP, time-based passwords
1:04:25 Variable lookup, Levels of Variables in FileMaker
1:08:15 Script Workspace enhancements
1:15:20 Manage Layouts
1:17:17 More about Script Workspace
1:19:37 OCR functions
1:19:57 Feature wishes — Christian will fulfill.
1:24:04 What's Free? +Coupon Code for July 2022!
1:26:53 Show Custom Dialog tricks, positioning
1:33:17 Schedule functions
1:36:25 Screen functions
1:41:24 Thousands of functions, platform availability
1:42:09 Licensing