Display records with a three stage portal setup

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I’d like to ask for your help regarding the following.

Currently I’m working on a multi-lingual catalogue in English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish.

The articles in the catalogue all belong to a product subgroup which in its turn belongs to a product maingroup (please see picture).

I set up a layout which shows records from the maingroup. On that layout is a portal showing records from the maingroup as a master.

On the same layout is another portal containing records from the subgroups. Sofar a standard master-detail setup.

Clicking on a line in the maingroup portal nicely yields the linked subgroups in the second portal.

Now I added a third portal: a portal containing the articles. The way I want it to work is the following: clicking on a main group in its portal shows the linked subgroups in their own portal (nr.2), and clicking on a subgroup will show the linked articles in the articles portal (nr. 3).

But now for my problem. The article portal now shows all articles belonging to all subgroups of one maingroup. Clicking on a subgroup should only yield the articles for that subgroup. I cannot get this to work. Please see my attached file.

Thank you beforehand.

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MPartscatalogue.fmp12 (516 KB)

You either filter the display of articles or make a direct relationship between maingroups and articles.

In the case of the filter, selecting a subgroups sets a global variable or global field that is used by the filter.

In the case of the relationship, selecting a subgroups sets a global field in the maingroups table. That global field is the left-side field in the maingroups - articles relationship.

Hope this helps.

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just added global field and relationship to show all parts of the main group and scale down to only parts of the selected subgroup

MPartscatalogue_variant.fmp12 (516 KB)

Thank you. Greatly appreciated.

Thank you.