FileMaker 19.3.1 macOS Extensions/Plugins need updating

It is looking like all Mac third party extensions need to be updated for v19.3.1 for macOS.

Although I’ve not been able to find any documentation referencing this as yet, the only plugin we use that has successfully launched is Dacons MailIt that has recently been released and is available for download from their website.

Dacons had alerted us that there is a new SDK for plugins with this version and their plugin had to be updated. We also use 360Works Scribe and 2empowerFM, both of which are in the extensions folder, but have not loaded.

The original plugins have launched in the Windows version of v19.3.1 and, as yet to be tested fully, have all registered.

An annoying Windows only bug that we reported to Claris during the v19 pre-release version, and subsequently again last year has still not been fixed. This occurs when ‘Filter Databases’ is enabled on the server to allow users to only view the databases they have access to. Selecting a favourite server from within File -> Hosts prompts for a password and subsequently displays the database files, but upon double clicking a file, instead of the second password prompt it does nothing. ‘Show Hosts’ and then selecting the servers from within is the only way to open files. A small, but very annoying bug when accessing multiple servers.



With the agile development at Claris, you get frequent updates.

And so the plugins have to follow frequent changes.
Don't expect old plugins to work since plugin developers have to follow the changes.


Thanks Christian

Thankfully, most of our plugins are managed centrally via RemoteApp servers. However, I think it is time for us to look at automatic updates within our databases again.

We used to do this, but we had problems as no two plugin developers seem to use the same method to provide version information, making it difficult to identify which plugin is the most up to date and thereby which one to update.

Also due to our streamed FileMaker delivery, most of our databases are running Windows, hence one or two systems can continue to run older plugins until we can replace them with JavaScript based features.

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If MBS Plugin doesn't load, check if you have recent version, e.g. 11.2.

And make sure you don't have two copies of the plugin in the folder as FileMaker often tries to load older one.


Hi Christian

MBS Plugin isn't a core plugin for us, it is used on specific projects. I haven't downloaded your latest version as yet, hence it wasn't included within the test.

Our SaleFaith CRM is built around MailIt and Scribe. Perhaps if the current MBS Plugin was around over 10-years ago, we may have used it.

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Agile? It only took 33 months for FMI to fix the "dot in JSON element" bug. That bug could have existed before then, but that's the first time I saw it and worked around it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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BaseElements Plugin not yet compatible on Apple Silicon (M1)

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360Works have now updated most of their plugins this week to support Apple Silicon


BaseElements Plugin 4.2 will support Apple Silicon. From the link above working but non-final version of BaseElements Plugin 4.2 is downloadable.


I sent a mail to the dracoventions team (Developer Assistent, 2empowerFM Text Toolkit, etc.). They answered that they had not expected the need to update for 19.3. Now they are working on their plugins to get them ready for 19.3.


What is the problem with Developer Assistant? I have not tried it yet under 19.3. Thanks.

On my M1 Mac mini the dracoventions plugins don’t load in FM 19.3.

The answer from dracoventions was "Incompatibility with FileMaker 19.3 was not anticipated so we are behind on getting native M1 plug-ins ready, but we're working on it. Please use FileMaker 19.2.x in the mean time and we'll let you know when M1 plug-ins are available."

So maybe on Intel Macs or Windows machines the plugins could work. Don’t know …

Thanks. Good info.

Announcement by dracoventions: Dracoventions News

If testing goes well, the m1-compatible plugins will be released within the next few days.

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Just so I understand, the current 3.42 plugin will not work under regular FileMaker 19.3 on a non-M1 machine also, correct? Thanks.

I have a VM in Parallels with Windows. Now I have updated FileMaker Pro to 19.3 on Windows and there the dracoventions plugins are loaded.

I think, only on M1-Macs the plugins don’t work at the moment.

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Gotcha, thanks. I've been waiting/wanting to buy this plug-in for a while now...

There are 30-day trial versions. So you can try it yourself before buying …

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Yep, I know. I've already burned though my evaluation. $400 is a LOT to spend for what FileMaker should do itself, but, the plug-in is so good, I keep considering it. :slight_smile:

Why not send an email to dracoventions? Ask if you can get another trial version. You would like to test with FM 19.3 under Windows (or Intel-Mac, don’t know what you have)...

I would guess they will accommodate you.