FileMaker 2023, second release

Claris released today FileMaker 2023 in version 20.2.1.

You get an integration to Claris Connect and Claris Studio. You can now place text with calculations directly on a layout. FileMaker is compatible to macOS Sonoma with some known issues and you may enjoy a few bug fixes. But please read details in the release notes:


FileMaker Pro 20.2.1 release notes
FileMaker Go 20.2.1 release notes
FileMaker Server 20.2.1 release notes

macOS Sonoma (14.0) and iOS 17 compatibility

You can download it on the ESD website. The link is in the license email from Claris.

For MBS Plugin, just make sure you have a 13.x version. We fixed a few minor things over the beta test period, so recommended version is 13.4.


Is this the second or third release?

Release notes show releases in April, June, and September 2023.

Is this one of those European / American things where we can't agree on which floor the 1st floor is? :wink:

This is how I read version tags. Don’t know if Claris published the versioning schema to which they adhere.

20.1.1, then 20.1.2 and now 20.2.1.

I would count this as 2 major releases and a small bug fix one in-between.

Not sure if Claris does a third one this year or move it to early 2024.

I really like the new ability to place calculations on a layout without defining a field. I've been used to this capability for a long time in other environments and always having to create a field (in FileMaker) to just about everything was a pain. This update helps modernize FileMaker.

Hope there are other future updates like this one.

Good update!

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Did you mean 20.1.1, then 20.1.2 and now 20.2.1 ?

Oh, I have to learn about this !

It's about 25 years late, as other environments could do this in the 90s, but a great feature nonetheless....I hope they keep implementing (actually useful) things like this.

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Yes. Thanks.

  • The new layout calculation allows you to place a calculated value on a layout without creating a calculation field or setting a variable in a script.To insert a layout calculation onto a layout:
    1. In Layout mode, click in the layout where you want to insert the layout calculation, then choose Insert menu > Layout Calculation.Don't insert layout calculations over a field or any other object that you want to view.
    2. In the Specify Calculation dialog, enter the a formula for your calculation, then click OK.A layout calculation, including the specified calculation, (<<ƒ:[calculation]>>) appears on the layout.To modify a layout calculation:
    3. In Layout mode, right-click the layout calculation, then choose Edit Layout Calculation.
    4. In the Specify Calculation dialog modify the calculation, then click OK.

Everything about layout calculations here:


That link doesn't work.
Also I don't see a new article on your blog!?

I think this works


I had no issues using this feature, but thanks for the step-by-step. :slight_smile:

Great video. Lot's of ways to do this with different pro and cons.

Kudos to @FabriceN

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Fantastic video @FabriceN! Many thanks!

@RosemaryTietge: Please convey my many thanks to all involved at Claris. This is a truly wonderful feature. I suggest that all other merge features be rolled into the new layout calculation feature. Merge text, fields, variables and functions can all be expressed as a calculation. This would simplify the user interface and training for new users.


I agree, this is probably the best new feature in a long time!

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Fun fact. We're not supposed to talk about ETS. ETS doesn't exists, you know, but everyone knows what it is.
The first ETS I participated in was for FileMaker 8.5, which introduced named objects and web viewers. I immediately caught the potential of layout level calculations (I then developed a complete framework, LayoutProperties, which is still used by some developers), so my first feature request ever was… exactly what we have now.
Sometimes you've got to be patient :smiley:


I just noticed that the layout calculations don't seem to work in FMS (just show up as <<f:...). Is there a workaround for that so they work there, too?


How have you tested that exactly ? I ask because FMS does not display Layouts, it uses them though for scripts purposes. Layout calculations are like merge variables.