FileMaker 2024 has arrived

I see this is now announced on the Claris website.

Headline new features:

AI Semantic Search
Execute FileMaker Data API (context independent)
More JSON functions
Open Quickly
Save as XML improvements




Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever known so little comments about a new version of FileMaker.

Could it be:

  1. The new features are of little interest?
  2. Nobody is interested at all?
  3. We’re all too busy with our clients to spend time on this?

Just wondering?

3 is the correct answer!

Lets start from the easy ones:

Json enhancements seems very useful. Makes developing slightly more enjoyable.

Execute DataAPI write operations will probably turn out to be useful in some cases.

Server improvements are always welcome.

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Hi Ville

I suspect they’ll be some smaller changes that will make a big difference . Looking around there is some online info that provides more detailed insights. Soliant have been busy:

For instance the enhanced JSON functions:

and the [+] and [:] operators.

The above is from:

Currently getting into OData, the contextless Execute Data API should add a very big new tool into our development toolbox and better OData compliance sounds good.

Highlights Let’s Encrypt and that WebDirect has had some attention, which is good to see, amongst others.

The Claris engineering blog:

gives an overview for using LLMs, Let’s Encrypt and upgrading information.

and of course the marketing info is at:

It would be good to know what the 200 enhancements and fixes are that are part of this upgrade. I’ll also keep my fingers crossed that local notifications are more capable than before. I can’t find any details as yet. There are some references to it at:

and we mustn’t forget proof + geist:

I also see EngageU is returning to Malmö on 17th to 19th November. Ville, do you plan to go again? We almost certainly will and there will be a much bigger involvement from Claris.


So far I have only found the time to read the release notes and install the software in a test environment. But I haven't tried anything yet.

The new features listed do indeed sound quite interesting for the most part.

Open quickly sounds pretty cool!
New JSON functions are welcome.
Hashes in Save as XML will help documenting changes in fields, scripts etc.

Plan is to go to there

Number three has been keeping my head down.

These changes are very welcome, but they are chunky. They'll take a while to understand and to integrate.

Open Quickly is something that I keep forgetting that I have. Now that it is available in any mode, not just layout mode, I may learn to use it more.

The AI features are going to be the ones that we'll have to learn how to handle. How do we use them to best advantage?

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Also worth checking out the Product Backlog. The most popular items on the list get the most attention. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what has been delivered.

It's great to have that sort of visibility.

Amazingly, one of the fixes is for an issue I raised in Oct 2021. Dividing by prime numbers has unexpected side effects when stored as variables

I think many of us are covered by no. 3 Malcolm, which I guess we should be grateful for.

I think you’re right, many features now take a while to become usable and challenge the concept of ‘no code/low code’, which we believe is a bit hypocritical these days, when compared to the earlier releases of new layout tools or even script step additions. However, FileMaker couldn’t compete in today’s market if they didn’t have the integration tools.

  1. moved on to a different language and IDE

FileMaker's "scripting" (not really scripting either since it's "dialog based") is not a "language" by any definition I can think of and you can hardly call the FileMaker interface an "IDE" compared to anything remotely modern in the past 20 or even 30 years let alone current IDEs.

IMHO, there is nothing to see in the latest release -- mostly more of the same marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Like @Torsten, I've mostly moved away from FileMaker. I only have one FMP application left I run once a week. That one will be discontinued later this year.


We had to make a decision a few years ago and investigated many alternatives.

Having been Hypercard developers originally we were tempted by LiveCode, but they were registered having a voluntary arrangement in place at the time with UK Companies House. I tried to speak to their MD to find out more, but heard nothing back. We weren’t prepared to take the risk at that time.

In the end, we decided not to throw away 90 plus years of FileMaker experience and fully committed to it for the long term.

FileMaker both amazes us and drives us nuts at times. Despite this we’re releasing our manufacturing vertical market product this year, which is a FileMaker and fmBetterForms solution.


Same. We're still supporting clients that still use FM. But we're converting FM projects to PHP for clients that are no longer happy with the cost of FM.

I doubt we would start a new FM Project. The costs are just too much.


in principle, imho, FileMaker IS an IDE. You can create an app completely in FM and deploy that on FMS, individual computer, with FMS as a web-app - and on iOS. Easily.

You can write 'code' as well, in principle. And You can do all in FM, structure, interface, etc.

That said, I'm concentrating on SwiftUI...

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Good luck and good sales!


FileMaker Server 2024 has upgraded behaviour for WebDirect. This is good news for anyone using WebDirect on mobile devices.

Also, for both iOS and Android, recommend to your mobile users to use the "Install App" (Android) or the "Add to Home Screen" (iOS) options. Aside from creating a nice icon, they also remove the browser header and footer, giving your app more real-estate and providing a much better user experience.

FileMaker WebDirect

  • A new parameter has been added to the jwpc_prefs.xml file. The "pulltorefreshenabled" parameter determines if FileMaker WebDirect layouts will refresh when pulling down on mobile browsers. When set to "yes", FileMaker WebDirect layouts will refresh. When set to "no" FileMaker WebDirect layouts will not refresh. The previous behavior and default value is "yes". After changing the value, restart the Web Publishing Engine for the behavior to take effect.See Mobile browser pull-to-refresh in FileMaker WebDirect Guide.

Should we understand that Microsoft did something to provide WebDirect users a better experience on Windows Server ?

Nothing to do with Microsoft. Just a welcome update for webDirect.