FileMaker Conference in Germany

The German FileMaker Conference 2022 will happen 22 to 24 June 2022 in Hamburg.
If anyone wants to meet with developers in Germany, please mark the date in the calendar.

Content will probably be mostly in German, except maybe if a guest speaker (from Claris?) gets a chance to present something.

Registration should start in January 2022.


The JUFA hotel is just 3 subway stations away from the main train station, so you may just come by train or airplane and take the subway.

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I just saw yesterday on the German news show Tageshau that COVID infections are again on the rise in Germany. I hope this conference is virtual; I'd love to attend it that way.

This is not virtual, but in Hamburg, Germany.

And I really hope the Covid thing is done next spring.

I'd love to go, but Covid is now endemic so it's here for good, like the flu. I won't be getting on an airplane anytime soon...

Well, we have to live with it.
I went to Austria several times and also to Canada this year.

Two months until the conference.
You can still sign up if you like to join.