FileMaker vs. CURL versions

Here is a list of which FileMaker version includes which CURL version:

FileMaker version CURL Version
11.0.4 7.19.4
12.0.5 7.21.6
13.0.9 7.21.6
14.0.4 7.38.0
15.0.3 7.44.0
16.0.4 7.51.0
17.0.3 7.58.0
18.0.3 7.62.0
19.0.1 7.62.0
19.1.3 7.62.0
19.2.1 7.62.0
19.3.1 7.62.0
19.3.2 7.62.0
19.4.1 7.62.0
19.5.3 7.76.0
19.6 7.83.0
20.1 7.83.0
20.2 7.83.0
20.3 7.83.0

You can learn about CURL releases on the curl website.

Why do we care? Well, if you still use FileMaker before version 16, your FileMaker scripts using Insert From URL are affected by the TLS certificate bugs in older CURL versions. And if certificate verification is not done right, someone can attack your queries, gain your password or provide invalid data to your solution. So please keep FileMaker up to date!

As with MBS Plugin, Claris Inc. also regularly updates the open source libraries used. Usually you do that on the begin of the development cycle, so you have time to find and issues from the newer library version like a bug fix, which changes behavior in a way you didn't intent. e.g. we run into CURL change for email download via IMAP (from 2019).

MBS Plugin 14.0 shipped with version 8.5.0 of curl.


So Claris is almost 1.5 years behind current evolution of curl!? Maybe that is why Postman cURL requests sometimes succeed when FM won't.

What could be the cause to stay so far behind?


curl --version in the terminal shows macOS 14.3.1 uses 8.4

Well, FileMaker uses a version of curl built-in.
Since updating curl is some work and they need to do a lot of quality checks to make sure it still works, Claris doesn't do it often.
But every year or two, they do an update.

And as far as I remember, they mentioned at the conference, that they work on that for one of the next releases.

With MBS Plugin, I can closer track the updates and quicker update my plugin.

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thanks @MonkeybreadSoftware - why don't they use the one integrated into macOS? Or maybe a cross-platform issue?

Consistency. Claris doesn't like to depend on what comes with the OS.


Other bugs seem to affect the older curl versions as well - just today I tested something where FileMaker 18 is getting a "522" error over FTPS, but doing curl in the command line or curl via MBS plugins works fine.
Possibly related to this Claris Community (English)

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