Find on checkboxes shows other checked checkboxes

How do I do a Find on a checkbox where it only shows records with that one checkbox checked but not other checkboxes that might also be checked?

For example, if I do a find on a checkbox "Admin", FileMaker finds all Admin checkboxes but it also shows other checkboxes checked that were also checked when Admin was checked.

I only want to "find" the checkboxes with Admin, but not Admin with other checkboxes checked.


A way that comes to mind is to make a find layout where the field uses radio buttons instead of checkboxes.

Hope this helps.

  1. Use more than one find request.

In the first find request, select Admin. In the next find request, select one of the other options and omit. This is ok for one or two options but it’s tedious if there are many.

  1. Provide different entry options in find mode. Simplest is a plain text field that allows you to enter anything. In your case “==Admin”.

  2. you might have a script trigger that only runs in find mode that prepends “==“ to an entry.


A checkbox field, sets the 2nd, 3rd, etc value to the 2nd, 3rd, etc line of a text field entry. A FIND will return every record where ADMIN is checked, regardless of the order. The ORDER in which they are checked, determines the order in which they are stored in the text field.

There are a number of FIND methods using loops, omit, etc. to get there - a bit complicated but doable.

However, a second calculated field with a calc that determines if 1) the PATTERNCOUNT of the checkbox field includes "ADMIN" and the valuecount of that checkbox field is = 1 (only one line of text stored, writes the text ADMIN to that second field.

THen a FIND against the second field for ADMIN gets you what you want to know,

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If you want to control the number of items checked in a checkbox, a simple auto-enter enter calc can constrain the number checked. (Kudos to Six Fried Rice for this trick)

Getvalue ( self ; ValueCount (self ) )

So in this code example, the GetValue only allows the last checked item to be retained.

Changing the valuecount part can open up to the first, or some quantity of checked items.

This same calc mitigates a 30 year old FileMaker “bug”. By convention, a radio button UI is meant to allow one and only one mutually exclusive selection. However this bug in FM allows a shift key to extend the selection to more than one radio button. The above calc gets applied to every field that i use that is to have a radio button UI presentation to make sure the user does not circumvent the intent of a radio button.

Here is the explanation ! And I guess that the bug will never be corrected because that would break old apps - already broken !