First Personal Project

I am creating this thread because I am starting my first personal project. Instead of blasting with a bunch of questions, I will ask whatever here. :slight_smile:

My end goal is to create an application where a dispatcher can create services request for plumbers & assign those jobs to their plumbers.


So.I have changed my personal project to something more interesting to me.
Years ago I was a coach for a martial arts gym, I would like to create a solution to help out gyms keep track of class schedules and students attending the classes.

I have started with a Class Table & Student Table.

I crated a layout with the calendar Add on. My first questions is how can I have a class.
Say fitness class and connect it to student so if Andrew Junior & Chris attended the class I can track attendees...

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Is this the right approach?
Set the ID field in another field and have a list of those ID's of events?

Hello @DrewFM,

I would suggest that before you create the tables in FileMaker, you should use sheets of paper and pencils.

  1. Figure out which entities you need, Class and Student are such entities. These entities will be tables.

  2. Then determine the properties of each entity, that will be fields.

  3. And finally explore how these entities will connect together, that is relations.

You will find out that this process is recursive, for example connecting entities together may require you to create a table. Once the result is satisfying you can create the tables, fields and relations. You may also a this time think about the reports that will be needed: that will bring you to create additional fields.

Don't forget about primary keys, they are essentials.


Regarding the classes that will be created, they are not enough. Say you have a Fitness class. When one attends this class, he/she is in fact attending one of these that was held from say May 9th - June the 9th. Now you need to define the duration of a specific class, number of days. And you need to schedule these classes. That means Adrew junior and Chris attended the Fitness class that was held from first-day to last-day, not just Fitness. As you can see, you relate a customer to a specific class. You will also need to know how much customers may attend a specific class.

This part of the work is the analysis, it will insure you have a good start. For sure you will need to adjust this analysis because implementing it you will have surprises, and that's Ok. Challenging the analysis is important before starting to code.


I created the post above to document some useful tips from other developers.