FM Partners v2.2 update (iOS)

FM Partners v2.2 was approved this afternoon and resolves the Claris partner and event endpoint issues in v2.1. Also added support for Hungary and Russia.

Available in the App Store :kissing_heart: β€”


Cool! Since ranking within partner listing is now very dynamic does it show changes from previous listing?

The ranking score used to be platinum first then amount of certifications. Now Platinum first, leads and install base, platform Advocacy etc ...

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I just became aware of the new sort order on the partner website. There is an rSort key now, in the JSON, that corresponds to the website order, but I'm still thinking through all of this. Here are some obvious caveats:

  • If I mirror the website order, then the segmentedControl would lose most of its meaning, as there'd be no perceivable order, and "scroll to find" would be pretty useless as well without an alpha sort. If I did remove the segmentedControl, I'd add a live search at the top in its place.

  • Removing the segmentedControl would also require the user have a country filter selected, so no more viewing all partners/events on a single screen. Unless there's significant support for that trade-off, I'm not sure how fond I am of the idea. I had some users specifically ask for that ability.

I'm not FBA, so the new ranking stuff doesn't bother me one way or the other. I could leave the app as-is, as an alternative to what some may feel is favoritism on the website(?). Not sure what the consensus might be regarding that.

The partner list is refetched once every 24 hours or every launch, whichever is older. So any changes to the rSort values would reflected in the app. That's easy.

I'm open to other thoughts, so y'all feel free to chime in if you have an opinion.

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good points - yes better to ignore the ranking - doesn't really reflect competence IMHO

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FileMaker's ranking has next to nothing to do with competence. Certification is the only competence that influences ranking, if you can call that competence. Ranking is mostly an indicator of how much a partner helps Claris grow its business.

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That makes’s literally the definition of being a partner. I’ve also found often that a client can at times portray incompetence in the developer they hired...while at the same time being the root cause of the problem.

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