FM Roadmap

While still available on YouTube, the roadmap presentation is no longer mentioned on Claris websites. Does anyone know if there will be a roadmap session this year?

Good question. I remind the last one was . . . non informative :open_mouth:, compared to previous ones. I hope if there is one, that it will be useful.

One issue that would be nice if fixed is how come upgrading is so shaky ? They changed the way updates will be released and looking at the last FMP and FMS updates, Claris does not seem to master the discipline.

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Didn't they say recently in a webinar, that with the agile approach, it's more like they throw out soon what they have instead of planning 2 years ahead?

Maybe, I don't recall. But for sure they have some kind of roadmap, they need to plan what they want to add or change.

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There is definitely an aspect of the roadmap that is not possible to Roadmap it the same way. I've had some discussion with Claris peoples about ideas I, and others, have had about what would be helpful to us as development professionals.

I imagine getting that off the ground, and published, will take some time. There is a LOT of NEW at Claris International HQ going on. So we do need to be patient.

@jormond, I understand that there is no Roadmap presentation/publication planned for the foreseable future.

sounds like there is a roadmap for insiders ...

Other than the ETS program, there is not. We are only seeing things as they get added to the builds for testing.

Well, they said in the Claris Engage videos a few things.

I wouldn’t expect too much from Claris on a FM roadmap. It’s not their focus right now. They are now working on the new NG product and on Connect and not so much on FM.


Sigh, this explains that.

any news on the move to a different office building?

I’ve been told they are out of there by January.

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Unfortunately, FM doesn't get much love at the moment. I really do hope they will not start seeing it as a burden.

Just counted the 50 latest posts on 'Claris Community'. All, except one, are about FileMaker. This is what people care about, what they need.

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Since the new executive team took over, it has been their objective to move to Cloud. There is some stuff that they have been wanting to do but the engineers aren’t available. IMHO I think it’s a huge mistake as they are taking MS, Amazon, Google and airtable head on without a real differentiator.


That FM development lacks resources is clearly visible.

I was one of the first to say FM is dead. Said that when i saw the first webinar that talked about Claris Connect and where we almost did not understand anything from the speech.

However, FM customer provide most of the actual revenues. And that is a true feeling that FM is in maintenance stage just to continue perceive these $.

My biggest hope (dream?) is that one other smart company will built a brand new product "FM-like" and being a real AND MODERN alternative for the majority of historic FM developers.

Thus, the forgotten and lucrative customers coud finally abandon Claris and be well treated elsewhere.


Wow - sounds like challenging times ahead for FM. Very sad - they have an opportunity to grow this but the licensing is so expensive they can't compete with other tools (that do take more time and effort on the part of the developer for sure). Killing the runtime was a huge mistake.


Well I'm enjoying Xojo for sure. It's a much more intensive programming challenge but the frameworks are solid and some really good new features in the last couple of releases plus the next release which is in beta testing at the moment.

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A huge mistake.