FM SVG Maker – A Filemaker based SVG converter for FileMaker Buttons

FM SVG Maker is a useful tool I wrote to make almost any SVG File ready for Filemaker Buttons. Usage in a nutshell:

  1. Drag your SVG onto the drop zone.
  2. Export converted SVG to the desktop.
  3. Use exported SVG in FileMaker Buttons.

:warning:MBS Plugin required!!!

Have fun with it.

Update 1.3 (21.02.2021)

  • Multi Language Support (German + English)
  • Startscript now checks if MBS Plugin is activated

FM SVG Maker v0103.fmp12 (780 KB)



thanks a lot, but have you ever tried using the icon delete-black-48dp.svg in your db?
it doesn't work unfortunately... (and yes I have MBS and saved it to the desktop :-)).

It seems like your SVG has some kind of extra Frame, which is being colored completely when using my FM SVG Maker. You find it in the SVG Text:

path d="M0 0h24v24H0V0z" fill="none"/

If you remove this text (including < and >) everything works fine.
delete-black-48dp without (735 Bytes)

That's the path that @Cecile had noticed, and removed, in the previous thread. The webviewer is better at handling SVG than FileMaker is.

Your webviewer "preview" panes support animated SVG too, while FileMaker buttons struggle to display multiple paths.

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Actually I started this thread to have a separate discussion about my tool, not to handle the specific problem of iwitschi, which is addressed in the other thread.

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