[FM Weetbicks] Don't get Duped when Duplicating Records

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In this article we're talking about record duplication - specifically multiple records including both parent and related child records. We discuss various different approaches and spell out the pros and cons of each. We hope this article proves educational and gives you some ideas around ways to duplicate data.

As always we have built a thorough example file to inform and showcase the different approaches.

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Thank you for the post!
The best performing approach is missing :slight_smile: Lots of cons but still incredible how this works:
From a layout with a portal on child records, duplicate the current record using Applescript.
This duplicates parent and all child records instantaneously. Faster than any creation operation I’ve seen with FileMaker.


Sounds interesting! Can you elaborate on how you duplicate using Applescript ?

Just found this from 2006 no less! Duplicate Record with AppleScript Trick – FileMaker Fever

I wonder how this is able to do this so fast, what's the catch?

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For example:

Set sourceRec to (get current record)
Create new record with data sourceRec

The performance is mindblowing. I don't know where's the catch. Always wondered. The indexes and everything is updated perfectly, meaning that FileMaker is able to work so fast. It's just much slower with 'classic' record creation.

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Does it bypass all network traffic surrounding having to send out notifications to other users of record changes. It would be interesting to test whether these records immediately appear in other users portals or found sets.

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