FMP 19.4.2 does not sleep very well

Hi and Happy New Year to everyone.

I run FMP 19.4.2 on a MacbookPro with M1 Pro MacOS Monterey 12.0.1. I open files located on an FMS Server. When the Macbook goes out from sleep, way too often either FMP crashes or can't reconnect. The duration of the sleep does not seem to be in relation with the issue. I thought that was a thing of the past and that now FMP reconnection was smooth.

Am I alone with this issue ?

Many thanks

Update to 12.1, if possible.

12.1 ??? The Mac never told me 12.1 was released. Now that I checked, it's in System Preferences.

Thanks for the tip, I will install 12.1 and post back.

I've found every version i've used of FMP disconnects me if the computer goes to sleep. Thats why I use Amphetamine (app store link) to keep my computer awake when doing FMP development.

My standard preference settings are as follows:

Saves a heap of trouble.

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FMP 19.4.2 and Monterey 12.1 same problem.

This seems to be an inconsistent problem.

I normally have not problem reconnecting when my computer goes to sleep. I currently use FMP 19.3.2 and Mac OS X 11.6.1, however this behaviour has been consistent for a while now.

From time to time, however, things don't work out. I have yet to see a pattern short of the VPN crapping out. Just to be clear, reconnection issues happen from time to time even when a VPN is not at issue.

Never had fmp crash on wake but I’m not on an M1.

Remote DBs are disconnected unless you wake the machine within the timeframe fmp has set for keeping connections alive. That is only a few minutes. Local DBs reconnect every time.

.. unfortunately I have daily crashes of FM19.4.2 on Big Sur and Intel i7 independent of sleeping mostly when debugging through long scripts ..

Before running longer scripts, I execute ´caffeinate &‘ in the shell, which prevents the Mac from going into deep sleep mode.

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I have the hot corners configured, top left is never sleep. I simply push the cursor into that corner. Or push it to the server with PSOS.

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Could you post a link to the crash report to read it as text?

if you like your FileMaker solution to prevent sleep, check the ProcessActivity.beginActivity function in MBS FileMaker Plugin.

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Unfortunately I don't have a copy of a crash report, well maybe it's siting there on the disk. Crashes were infrequent, what I got most was that FMP couldn't reconnect the file. Yesterday night I applied 12.1 and I haven't yet got an error reconnecting: I am asked to provide the credentials again and tha works. So far so good !

To find crash reports on Monterey:

  1. Open (inside Applications/Utilities)
  2. From the View menu, choose Show Sources (or click the little sidebar icon)
  3. Click on Crash Reports

crash report as ips.
Thanks for watching.
FileMaker (9.0 KB)

Crashing deep in the FileMaker / Draco engine, something to do with value lists and a popup menu it appears.

I would suspect either (A) a corrupted database file, or (B) a bug. Either way, you should probably report this to Claris if you can reproduce it.

Thread 0 Crashed::  Dispatch queue:
0   DBEngine                      	       0x10a2fec70 Draco::DBRowSet::Sort(Draco::DBSortSpec const&, bool, bool) + 244
1   DBEngine                      	       0x10a2febf8 Draco::DBRowSet::Sort(Draco::DBSortSpec const&, bool, bool) + 124
2   DBEngine                      	       0x10a3eb374 Draco::DBFieldValueListData::ResortBySecondaryField(Draco::Task&, Draco::DBValueListGenerationContext&) + 132
3   DBEngine                      	       0x10a3e9c08 Draco::DBFieldValueListData::GenerateRelated(Draco::Task&) + 252
4   DBEngine                      	       0x10a3e8540 Draco::DBFieldValueListData::Generate(Draco::Task&, Draco::Text const*, Draco::HBKey<(unsigned char)220> const*) + 240
5   DBEngine                      	       0x10a3e55a0 Draco::DBValueListData::SetupValueListData(Draco::DBValueListIter*, Draco::DBValueList const&, Draco::DBCursor const&, Draco::HBSerialKey<(unsigned char)5> const&, bool) + 660
6   DBEngine                      	       0x10a373c1c Draco::DBValueListIterPtr::Setup(Draco::DBValueList const&, Draco::DBCursor const&, Draco::HBSerialKey<(unsigned char)5> const&, Draco::DBDataType, Draco::Locale const&, bool, bool) + 1044
7   FMEngine                      	       0x1070ba22c Draco::DBValueListIterPtr::DBValueListIterPtr(Draco::DBValueList const&, Draco::DBCursor const&, Draco::HBSerialKey<(unsigned char)5> const&, Draco::DBDataType, Draco::Locale const&, bool, bool) + 36
8   FMEngine                      	       0x1070be564 Draco::GetFieldPopupMenuText(Draco::Text&, Draco::Locale const&, Draco::DBCursor const&, Draco::FieldLayoutObject const&, Draco::DBField const&, Draco::DBData const&) + 164
9   FileMaker Pro                 	       0x10384aa34 TextDataFetchRequest::LoadFieldData(Draco::FieldLayoutObject*, Draco::DBCursor const&, Draco::DBCursor const*) + 2544
10  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x103849f78 TextDataFetchRequest::LoadDataForObject(Draco::LayoutObject*, Draco::DBCursor const&, std::__1::unique_ptr<Draco::DBCursor, std::__1::default_delete<Draco::DBCursor> >) + 404
11  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x103849d74 TextDataFetchRequest::UpdateText() + 108
12  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x103849cf4 TextDataFetchRequest::ProcessImmediately() + 20
13  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x1037ac0e0 LayoutObjectRenderProxy::GetText(DSText*&, std::__1::vector<Draco::IStyle*, std::__1::allocator<Draco::IStyle*> >*&, bool&, bool&, bool) + 96
14  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x1037f80d4 FieldTextView::GetTextData(bool) + 60
15  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x1037b8348 LayoutObjectView::PrepareForPendingDisplay() + 72
16  libViewSystem.dylib           	       0x105651c30 ITopLevelViewBackEnd::PrepareViewsForPendingDisplay() + 516
17  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x103249568 FMDocWindowTopLevelViewMac::PrepareViewsForPendingDisplay() + 36
18  libViewSystem.dylib           	       0x105651cf0 ITopLevelViewBackEnd::UpdateViewsForPendingDisplay(bool) + 60
19  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x10324962c FMDocWindowTopLevelViewMac::UpdateViewsForPendingDisplay(bool) + 180
20  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x102df2a38 FlushPendingDisplayForEachWindow::operator()(Draco::FMWindowModel*) + 232
21  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x102df2c58 void Draco::FMSession::ForEachVisibleWindowDo<FlushPendingDisplayForEachWindow&>(FlushPendingDisplayForEachWindow&) const + 172
22  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x102df2b78 CFMProApp::DispatchNullEvent() + 196
23  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af6e9200 __CFNOTIFICATIONCENTER_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_AN_OBSERVER__ + 28
24  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af78cb84 ___CFXRegistrationPost_block_invoke + 52
25  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af78caf0 _CFXRegistrationPost + 456
26  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af6b7eb0 _CFXNotificationPost + 720
27  Foundation                    	       0x1b05e7f74 postQueueNotifications + 424
28  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af6f3e4c __CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_AN_OBSERVER_CALLBACK_FUNCTION__ + 36
29  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af6f3c98 __CFRunLoopDoObservers + 572
30  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af6f32f0 __CFRunLoopRun + 1052
31  CoreFoundation                	       0x1af6f2734 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 600
32  HIToolbox                     	       0x1b8284f68 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 292
33  HIToolbox                     	       0x1b8284cdc ReceiveNextEventCommon + 552
34  HIToolbox                     	       0x1b8284a9c _BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter + 72
35  AppKit                        	       0x1b2248ce0 _DPSNextEvent + 844
36  AppKit                        	       0x1b2247584 -[NSApplication(NSEvent) _nextEventMatchingEventMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 1332
37  AppKit                        	       0x1b22395a4 -[NSApplication run] + 596
38  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x102cd44c0 CMacApp_Main + 408
39  FileMaker Pro                 	       0x102de65cc main + 52
40  dyld                          	       0x104b110f4 start + 520

Can you run FileMaker in Rosetta instead of M1/ARM mode? I wonder if this is a bug only seen on M1?

(Right-click FileMaker app, choose Get Info, and "Open Using Rosetta")

I also started using the Amphetamine app. It does a good job of keeping the computer awake so that it does not loose connection if I'm away from the computer too long..

Situation for the last three days, after update to Monterey 12.1:

  • Only 2 unexpected quits. The second was probably my fault, the computer went asleep while there was unsaved changes in the Relationship Graph.
  • FileMaker has always been to reconnect, sometimes asking for credentials.

Looks like Monterey 12.1 is much better.