FMP 2023 Upgrade cost just went up (again)?

It looks like it's now $356 to upgrade to FMP 2023. When I checked last time recently, it was $171. Was I looking at the same upgrade?
Would be nice if there were a coupon or something to make this minor upgrade more palatable.
Any cost saving options?

Looks like you are in the USA. I checked in Canada and the upgrade went up also, it is now $ 475.00 and I am pretty sure it was less than that a few weeks ago. 171.00 to 356.00 is a 100% increase, and it looks to be the same increase in Canada.

I found out on Claris site communications about a previous price increase - last September - bout nothing regarding this one.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.


Thanks @planteg. :slight_smile:

Today, I was just going to hold my nose and pay the $171. But $356 for barely a point release worth of features? No way. Not sure what Claris is "thinking", but it must have cost them a lot to redesign that FMP icon...

What version of FMP are you wanting to upgrade from, exactly?

Upgrade from v 19 to v 2023 is USD 450 in Switzerland for single license.

It supposedly has 500 bug fixes. You just don’t get the list :joy:

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I don't notice any bugs in version 19 that I haven't worked around a long time ago. IMHO, functionality-wise, "2023" is barely even worth a (paid) release.

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I don’t see any new features implemented I would really need.

In many past community conversations upgrade pricing was based upon two versions back, so to speak. With the latest version numbering scheme by Claris, FileMaker 2023 (really v20.1) it appears the odd sequence is now especially suspect. Further, Claris has generously provided advanced warning of price increases along with dates. Not so, lately? I dunno.

They may have done so and can of course increase prices as much as they like.

@OliverBarrett I assume you are talking about the upgrade pricing for single licenses from the Claris Store.

Those are perpetual license and do not come with maintenance, that said, if your purchase of FileMaker 19 was very recent, like within the 30 days (my suggestion, no hard rule here) prior to when FileMaker 2023 was introduced, you should contact Claris to see if your purchase is eligible for an upgrade.

Also, something that has not changed, is that upgrade pricing is available for people owning a FileMaker product all the way back to FileMaker 16 (at least that is what is written on the store at this time). So people who only have FileMaker 15 and prior have to pay the full price of a new license. For reference, FileMaker 16 was introduced in May of 2017.

So everyone will make a different decision, based on their own budget, what version they currently have and what is in the latest release that motivates the purchase.

As it is, I do not see the upgrade pricing as a measure for someone to purchase the single license product and buy an upgrade every time a new release comes out. Not everyone stands in our own situation, and we should keep this in mind when attempting to decipher what Claris is "thinking".


If they didn't charge so much for individual licenses, then it wouldn't make volume pricing look like such a deal. (Oh, wait. That's not much of a deal either!)


Yeah, I wasn't going to mention it (again), but FMS itself is priced outside any recent client's budget (for what you get). Plus, the Data API, limiting a client to a certain GB limit per year for software they run on their own server (that is not a "service") is a no-go.

For the cost vs. what you get, I'll skip this 2023 "upgrade".

I realize others have different opinions, budgets, and goals. :slight_smile:


We will get the reason why there was a price increase. This afternoon I watched a presentation in French about what's new in FileMaker 2023. The presentation was done by Douglas Wallis, chief of project, with Claris. He also did the presentations in English.

I asked him about the price increase for FileMaker Pro single license and about the fact that the increase has not been announced by Claris. He didn't have the answers, but promised that he will look for them and come back to Claris Community to explain what happened. I will report back the answers here on Thesoup.


Cool. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@OliverBarrett have you looked at Claris Pro?

Claris Pro is offering a free tier which is not suitable for commercial use but it may fit your needs.

Thanks for your idea, Malcom! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I only do "commercial" work and Claris Pro leaves me totally cold. Don't need "Claris Pro" or want it at all. I don't know what Claris is "thinking" these days. Still, in version 20, cannot even search my scripts or do basic refactoring in large projects w/o spending hundreds of dollars for silly-expensive third-party tools.

If Claris invests in basic capabilities in FileMaker, I would be first in line to buy new versions -- even though these capabilities should have been in FileMaker long, long ago.



We all wait for details for the free tier of Claris Pro/Studio and wether this could be a way to give people free or demo solutions.
But it depends on the exact details.

And getting all these people into Claris marketing database would let them up sell them to a 3 or 5 user pack with server.

That’s a lot of waiting. Over time, more and more people lose interest in stuff that is announced but not released in a reasonable time frame -> Vaporware.

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