FMS top call stats - meaning of entry in target column

One layout shows a slowdown in script execution and increased response time for opening pop-up menus in one particular portal.
This coincides with the top call stats exposed here:

Lines with huge Wait Time and Elapsed Time all have the Target 'AxtradiaCRM_data::table(131)::field definitions(1)?.
How should I read 'table(131)' and 'field definition(1)' ?


see tableIDs — FileMaker Community ( Pretty old but I think it will help you. Read both pages because posters do not agree on the way to get the IDs. Looks like FMPerception would help, if you own it !

Thank you Gilles,
I did check with FMPerception and found the base table corresponding to ID 131. Still don't know what 'field definitions(1)' means in the context.

All of the numbers are IDs. The 19 will be field ID 19.

What @Malcolm says. I think the wording could have been 'field(1) definition' meaning the definition of field no 1 of table(131) would cause the slowdown. Maybe a calculation that is heavy.

The issue was isolated and a workaround implemented, that reduces the number of hide-if calls in portal rows. With three fields with a hide-if and only two related records, the systems spinballed for 3-5 seconds, each time one of the fields was clicked. The same hide-if is found in 6 button items on the layout, and it calculates instantly. There seems to be threshold for what a portal can do in this regard.

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Then we learned something new today !


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Is it possible to reduce the complexity of the calculation? For instance, if the complex part of the calculation can be performed once, outside the portal, that could be stored in a variable. You then do a comparison between field values and the variable.