Garden Pond Powered by FileMaker and Raspberry Pi

Our lead developer Milan made his dream come true and built a pond controlled by FileMaker and Raspberry Pi.


The pond contains about 35 cubic meters of water (about 9246 gallons) and it’s 2 meters (6.5 feet) deep in its deepest point. It is equipped with both mechanical and pressurized filter, UV light, pumps for filtration and waterfall, and an air pump. There are water plants, fish, and other water animals living in the pond. To keep the pond in good conditions, Milan has automated control of its environment with the help of Claris FileMaker and Raspberry Pi…

Click here to read how he made it all work and even watch it in action


Pond looks awesome! I've been looking out for a suitable project for a Raspberry Pi to sink my teeth into, but haven't found anything yet. Your XGode service looks very interesting too!

Thanks, I am glad you like it. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions to ask.