Generating ONECODE (USPS) barcode help needed

Has anyone used the MBS plug-in to generate the USPS barcode (ONECODE)? MBS can definitely do it, but it's confusing to me how to get the correct number format the barcode logic needs from just an address, city, state, and zip.

For example, 01234567094987654321-012345678 would generate a USPS barcode, but how do you generate this number format for each actual address?

I looked at the USPS Web site, but the various parts are not clearly defined that I found. Since my little label printer can generate this barcode, I figure it probably isn't that difficult given the right documentation.

Thanks in advance,

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Wouldn't you get it from the postal office generated based on the address?

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Where are your posts?
If you found a solution, please post for others to read.

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Because of all the barcode workflow items you correctly identified, I decided not to pursue the barcode in this project and gave you credit for the correct way to get the barcode info.

In this pro-bono project, I was really just looking for a simple barcode to help routing -- say with the zip code encoded. The USPS ONECODE is a lot more complicated than that and really isn't needed for my current purpose and I can't justify the extra time for it.

MBS rocks and gave all the correct error information on my initial attempts.

Thanks for following up. :slight_smile:



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