Get ( SystemPlatform ) Speculation

While scripting today I used Get ( SystemPlatform) to check for a Mac or Windows running the file, which led me to wonder what impact the new Apple Silicon-based Macs will have on our legacy coding.

Currently Intel-based Macs return 1 and back in the time, PowerPC-based Macs returned -1. Are we going to have a new number, and if so, how many of our systems will be affected? We usually check for Windows at -2 and occasionally <0, but with IOS returning 3 and WebDirect 4, if FileMaker added another negative number, the <0 would turn out to be a bad decision.

Thankfully, one of the main reasons for doing this was window handling in the days of MDI FileMaker, which we've been phasing out (but not yet totally) as we migrate customers to the later SDI versions. One of these has required 2-years rebuilding from multi-file to separated solution and is now getting close for testing. I'm not sure many people understood just what a big impact the transition from MDI to SDI was for Windows-based systems.

Food for thought and maybe we'll get a clue in early August.


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FileMaker could pick any value and return it.

And for MBS FileMaker Plugin, we'll add SystemInfo.isARM function.

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Christian, not ‘.AS’ or ‘SoC’? Would really worry if we got ‘Apple Releases Silcon Early’ - LOL!

Actually, I would find ‘.isAS’ quite amusing!

They have added a new number. It will be interesting to see what they do.
5 = Linux

This is an area where using a CF, or a modular Script as a Function, for this is ideal. A single place to change it all.

I recently was bitten by something similar. I centralized the function/action into a single script, and replaced all 400+ instances of that code to call back to this single script ( Email script ). Finished that project about 2 weeks ago. This week, we had a problem with a vendor and needed to swap with SMTP server we were sending from. It was 10 sec change, and everything was still working. I can't even quantify fully how many sales and headaches that actually saved us.


The FMP calc engine will be updated to support complex arithmetic, and the return value for the new Macs will be: i :grinning:


Ah, they haven't added 42 yet?


Torsten, that is being held in reserve for Deep Thought