How can use the ExecuteSQL for count the time_out?

Hi all,

I wonder if need to create ExecuteSQL for count the time_out in current month?


time_out is a field in your database?

e.g. in SQL:

ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT einDatum FROM Kontakte WHERE Month(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) = Month(einDatum) AND Year(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) = Year(einDatum)"; Char(9); Char(13) )

einDatum is a date field in the table Kontakte and we look for matching current month and year.

yes,the time_out is filed in my DB

You may not need to use SQL for this. You can perform a find for records of the current month, excluding records whose time_out field is empty. The found set is the number of records that have a time_out value for the searched month.


I've created the script below, and it's working perfectly. However, during testing, when I change it to the next month, it still gives me the value for the old month. It should return zero.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by the above.

Too many details are hidden in your script image. What is the layout where the find is performed? What is the table of this layout? What are the find details?

Thank you for following up about my issue, I solved after add criteria month current.