How can you copy the content of a field identified by name into a variable?

I've imported a file from excel, a bad one. I Have 100 column with dates named date1, date2, date3,....
The target is to set all this dates in a multi field. To make it easy I would like to get in every field by the name of the field and set the text (date in the field) in a variable.
I can't find a way to get the field by name. I tried with SQL.GetFieldAsText but it looks complicate and i'm not secure it's the right way.
Do you have any suggestion?

I can't say that I have completely followed/understood your post.

But, it makes me think that perhaps one or more of the following could be of some help:


I'm a bit unclear too, but a first step might be to query all the fields in a given table via ExecuteSQL. You can even narrow this query to find only date/timestamp/time fields etc if you wish, and skip calculated fields (all up to you).

ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT fieldname from filemaker_fields WHERE tablename = ?" ; "" ; "" ; Get ( LayoutTableName ) )

And then, for example, if you want to get all the values for the current record into a single value you could write something like this:

While ([
	~fields = ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT fieldname from filemaker_fields WHERE tablename = ?" ; "" ; "" ; Get ( LayoutTableName ) ) ;
	~count = ValueCount ( ~fields ) ;
	~res = "" ;
	~i = 0
~i < ~count ;
	~i = ~i + 1 ;
	~field = GetValue ( ~fields ; ~i ) ;
	~val = GetField ( ~field ) ;
	~res = List ( ~res ; ~field & ": " & ~val )
] ;

date1: 1/2/2024
date2: 2/3/2024
date3: 3/4/2024

Getfield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:
you understood well! Thank You.
I'm using the italian version and sometimes it's hard to find what i Need.
I'm sorry for the stupid question :face_with_spiral_eyes:. Thank u so much for the patience and the support. :smiley:

Have a nice weekend :hugs:


Not a stupid question in the least.

I am certain that I speak for more than just myself when I say that I am glad that you asked. :+1:t3: