How do I merge pdf files in FMP14

My client would like to merge pdf files outside filemaker. Is there any ways to do that. They are still using FM14

MBS FileMaker Plugin with PDFKit functions (macOS and iOS) or DynaPDF functions (cross platform) would work here.

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Thanks, I am using parallel in windows 10. An error said fail to load DLL file: windows error 1206, is it normal situation?

I used the merge PDFs sample file to test

So you try our DynaPDF functions and the DynaPDF.Initialize function returns that error?

Can you check if the used path for the dynapdf.dll is valid?

And if you use older 32-bit FileMaker, load the dynapdf32.dll file.

I am new to dynapdf, so I have to install dynapdf first before I could use your sample file? I have installed dynapdf.msi. It seems not working

not the msi. That is for C++ developers.

The libraries are included in our example folder with the FileMaker files.
So if you have example file and DLL in same folder, it just works.

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Thank you. It works. If I would like to use it in production. I should buy MBS license and also dyna pdf lite license? Right?

Yea, please.
Probably a seats and/or a Server license depending where you run the script.
And DynaPDF Lite or Pro license from us.

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