How to create a testing environment of import and export records or contents

Hi, I would like to test the import record and export record steps in my solution. Are there any ways to make these steps fail so that I could test the error handling?

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There are so many ways for the import/export to fail that its not funny. Not all of these will definitely cause your import to break, but they may help things go wrong.

Change a file name
add/remove header rows
Change the input file text encoding
Add commas to a CSV file
Include unicode characters
Change field names in the database
Change layout names
Change the script name
Login as a different user


Thank you. If my script exports data from table A to a temporary path, then imports data from this temporary path to table B and does some data manipulating, finally it export data as csv.

In this scenario, is that ok to just handle error of last exporting record step?

Did the data export cleanly?
Is it correct?
Was it moved / disappeared / locked before import?
Is the environment it is being imported into the same? (change to the import table can affect you)
How do you know the correct records arrived in the correct location?