How to hide a field when not in focus

Sorry in advance if this is a double-post. I've spent 30m googling this with no luck.

I have a layout with limited space and users can select multiple options from a checkbox. I want to show a small summary and when users click on the summary they get the check boxes. I can think of two ways to do this:

  1. Have another field that's a (global?) toggle called something like "IsCheckboxEditModeForFieldWhatever". I can hide the checkbox field when this is 0, and when users click on the summary I can set that to 1, and select the field. Then when the checkbox is saved I can set the toggle back to zero.
  2. I could use a new window with a new layout and a card, but it seems like overkill

Is there an easy way to just say "hide when the status of self = not in focus" or something?


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You can use a Button Bar with a Popover. The Button bar Name can be calculated from the option field. When you click the Button the popover opens with the option field.


My suggestion is close to your first way.

I see two fields here. The first is a list field. The second is a calculation field that transforms the list into comma-delimited text. The list field has a hide condition based on a global variable. An on enter script trigger in the summary field fires a script that sets the global variable and navigates to the list field. An on exit script trigger in the list field fires a script that clears the global variable.

Hope that helps.

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I typically consider the portal a read-only summary.

If the portal requires simple edits, then I reveal a form in a popover. This allows me to spread out the fields and options in a nice readable format.

If the portal edit requires some processing, I would reveal the form in a card window.


yeah that's what I was thinking I needed to fall back on.

That's incredible. I don't think they had such popovers last time I used Filemaker (12). Perfect solution!


Popovers where added in v 13.

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