Insert from URL - get rid of heading

I'm trying to print receipts on a networked EPSON receipt printer (TM-T20III) by sending the data using insert from URL using ESC/POS characters.
It is certainly not easy but if I don't find an easier method, I will get there.

One very annoying problem: on every receipt the Epson prints a heading like:

User-Agent: Filemaker/20/3

How can I get rid of this info?

I use this type of printer in my software and use the print action. This works fine. I use an applescript command with "lpoptions -d TheEpsonPrinter" to change the default printer.

Tried that too but lots of Unexpectedly Quit's in Filemaker and I don't like that at all.
Used the latest driver, latest Filemaker and latest Mac OS.

Gave it another try with another newer driver and it's ok. It's easy, that's for sure. Thanks.
Apart from the now rare quits, it takes a long time (±3 sec) to print while other direct methods without the printer driver go immediately.

this looks like a standard HTTP headers section, and the rule about HTTP headers is that they are terminated by two CR-LFs in a row Link

So I think you could use something like this:

Middle(Position(data,"¶¶",1,1) +1, length(data) )

(Edit: I may have misunderstood your question - I was thinking the driver was sending you back data, in which case this might work. If not, nevermind!)