Is it worth upgrading a late 2012 Mac Mini server to SSD?

Today I upgraded a ‘Late 2012’ Mac Mini Server from spinning disk to SSD. It is definitively worth the cost and speeds up the machine 10fold. Never got a new server that cheap :grinning:.

Short answer, YES!! SSD gives you a decent boost.

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SSD and increase in memory are winning. Considering prices for the 2018 Mac Mini, an SSD is well wort it.

Thing is with a late 2012 Mac Mini, something else will get you soon: new versions of MacOS won’t install on it. It’s the case with Catalina. It’s unfortunate because the late 2012 were pretty good machines. I came close to get a 4-core i7 and 16G memory for . . . $ 200.00 !, but someone was faster than me. So I bought a refurbished late 2014 with 8G memory. for much more.