Kanban Add-on in WebDirect Flashes on and off

I want to present a kanban board via webdirect. The board displays properly but the webviewer begins flashing on and off every second.

Has anyone seen this and found a work-around for it?


Modifying the configuration of the Kanban across all of the available fields in the configuration tool. In my case, modifying the "Label" field and saving the config caused the problem to disappear.

After the problem disappeared I reset the "Label" field to the original value and the problem did not return. This makes me think that the issue was not the selection that I had made. My assumption is that the JSON which stores the config was corrupted in that area and by modifying that value the corrupted value was replaced by clean data.

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JSON a different beast, an maybe the integration of an add-in into an app needs some fine-tuning. Any way the add-in is a significant addition to the toolbox, since it can programmatically modify the schema. This paves the way to future enhancements !